Re: Four questions, mainly about window managers.

> > Also in fvwm, if the panel is at the bottom, the paging doesn't work and
> > it won't scroll down (or whereever the panel is).
> True, this is a bug.  Whether it is a bug in FVWM or gnome-panel has (to
> my knowledge) yet to be explored.  My suspicion is that it is a bug in
> FVWM, since the EdgeScroll feature gets flaky when other windows (eg.
> Netscape) are right up against the edge of the screen.
> One of these days I or some other FVWM user is going to get fed up, and
> figure out why this problem exists.  Until then it falls under the
> heading of nuisance bugs.

	I *think* this has to do with the way the panel is mapped onto the
screen.  I don't remember the name of the hint, but it bypasses the Window
Manager completely and thus fvwm can't capture the mouse event.  :^)


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