Re: Gnome and WM

Desync> The applets (or is it the panel?) are also binding sockets to
Desync> listen on.  Is this something that will be changed, or is it
Desync> just something to do with my configuration of GNOME at
Desync> compile?

This is the panel.  The sockets are used for CORBA connections.

Desync> I hope it will change. I found that I was able to crash the
Desync> panel entirely (remotely) by connecting to those ports and
Desync> flooding it.

In the short term, don't do that.

I believe our ORB will have some mechanism for preventing this
problem.  E.g., some kind of authentication for socket connections.

Actually, I thought the panel already had this in place.  I don't know
the details of how it works, though.  For all I know it is impossible
to fix this problem with the current ORB.


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