Re: Building ab initio

Nathan>  - gettext-0.10

You probably want the most recent gettext from

Nathan>  - imlib-1.4
Nathan>  - FreeBSD package netpbm-94.3.1
Nathan>  - FreeBSD package jpeg-6a
Nathan>  - FreeBSD package tiff-3.4
Nathan>  - FreeBSD package png-1.0.1

I thought you had to install the various image libraries before
building imlib.

Nathan> The FAQ and other sources say to get the files through anon
Nathan> CVS, which no longer works.  There's nothing on the web site
Nathan> that says "hey, dumbass, we turned anon CVS off.  Surprise!"

I thought there was an announcement on the main page saying this.  I
don't know what's happening with CVS, though.  It would be nice if we
could set up a mirror or something.

Nathan> When I try to run in gnome-libs (again from the
Nathan> 980622 snapshot), I get:

Nathan> gnat@coprolith (gnome-libs) sh 
Nathan> .: Can't open ./macros/

Nathan> What am I missing?

I think this is a problem with the snapshots.  There is a "support"
module that you have to unpack in each source directory.  The support
module includes (or should include) the macros and intl subdirs.
gnome-libs, gnome-core, etc require this stuff.

Sorry this is vague.  I haven't looked at the snapshots, so I don't
really know the names of the things.


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