gnome_config stuff and deleting config files

Moin moin,

one small question:

is there any way for a gnome application, to remove an unused config

I expected 'gnome_config_clean_file' to do this, but unfortunatelly
this function does nothing on my computer.  It doesn't even clean the
file.  If you, for example, have a file ~/.gnome/wisdome with the
following contents:


Calling 'gnome_config_clean_section ("/wisdome/life")' really removes
the section 'life' and leaves a file with the length zero.
Calling 'gnome_config_clean_file ("/wisdom")' does nothing on my

It would be very usefull to delete config files.  For example look at
the gnome-hello-4-SM application (cvs snapshot from last weekend).  It
saves the state of each client in a seperate config file (like 
the panel does).  But if this client quits, it has to remove the
config file, otherwise, it will fill slowly fill your harddisk ;-(


PS: I will write some explanations about the slightly changed session
management support on the clients side soon. Hopefully, the session
management stuff is a little bit easier to use now (for programmers).

Carsten Schaar                         email:

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