Re: AVFS (which is A VFS)

> > In the structure I was greatly inspired by the MC-VFS, but AVFS also
> > enforces the following:
> > 
> >  - It is a standalone library
> This is the case for the mc-vfs as found on the gnome cvs server.

Excellent! At first I actually wanted to change mc-vfs to be able to
work standalone, but found it too daunting task. Now I see Pavel
Machek is workin on this full steam, brave man ;).

I would gladly contribute, but I have no internet (i.e. CVS) access,
only Web access. Are there tarball snapshots available? Best would be
if the VFS part could be downloaded separately (since it's now

> >  - You need very little chage to most programs to be able to use AVFS.
> >    (This is not perfectly true, because AVFS is still lacking an STDIO
> >    layer.) I've "ported" GNU ls and cat to AVFS by adding 2 lines
> >    of code to both programs.
> Could you comment about this?  If you are using macros to make this
> magic happen, this is not really going to work.

Yes I was. Now I'm trying to make it work using the LD_PRELOAD dinamic
linking mechanism (see zlibc) of redefining the open, etc. syscall
functions. This way programs don't need to be changed or recompiled at
all! Some success (e.g. Emacs is now working perfectly with AVFS), but
a lot of thing to sort out yet...


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