Re: Window Managers for gnome

On Sun, Jun 21, 1998 at 10:58:59PM -0400, wrote:
> On 21 Jun, Soren Harward shouted:
> ->  Pick the one that you like--Gnome is not a window manager, so it doesn't
> ->  intrinsically care (although in the future some wm's will include
> ->  special bindings/extensions for gnome).  I happen to switch between ICE,
> ->  WindowMaker, and will go back to Enlightenment when v0.14 comes out
> of course I am.. :) if u notice the gnome cvs commits list u'll notice
> e is one fo the more active modules.. :) we're preparing for a 10.4
> release... :)

Hehe.  I figure we'll end up getting booted because we're more active than
everything else in the cvs tree.  :)  "Hey, you weren't supposed to actually
USE the cvs server, you know..."

0.14 _IS_ fairly close to coming out, I can say that much...

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