Re: Window Managers for gnome

Pick the one that you like--Gnome is not a window manager, so it doesn't
intrinsically care (although in the future some wm's will include
special bindings/extensions for gnome).  I happen to switch between ICE,
WindowMaker, and will go back to Enlightenment when v0.14 comes out
(Rasterman, are you listening?).  Look at for a list
of almost all window managers for X and pick on that suits you.

Question: is KDE necessarily incompatible with gnome or other wm's?

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On Sun, 21 Jun 1998, Geoffrey Makstutis wrote:

>A simple question...
>What window manager do you recommned for use with Gnome? 
>I've tried using several (WindowMaker, FVWM, ICE, Blackbox, SCWM) but
>each seems to have limitations and problems. WindowMaker has a nice look
>and features, but seems to have a fairly high system overhead.
>Any suggestions? 

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