Re: Window Managers for gnome

On 21-Jun-98 Soren Harward wrote:
> Pick the one that you like--Gnome is not a window manager, so it doesn't
> intrinsically care (although in the future some wm's will include
> special bindings/extensions for gnome).  I happen to switch between ICE,
> WindowMaker, and will go back to Enlightenment when v0.14 comes out
> (Rasterman, are you listening?).  Look at for a list
> of almost all window managers for X and pick on that suits you.
> Question: is KDE necessarily incompatible with gnome or other wm's?

Not really.  If you install KDE, but don't run it as such, you 
can still run KDE apps standalone.  You can even run kfm on top
of AfterStep, or whatnot.  But then again, running GNOME or KDE
apps standalone forgoes the benefits of running them in tune
with their respective environments.  But if you just want
to run KLyX on top of GNOME:  go for it.  Personally, I like
those cool little KDE folders/web browsers, which don't 
correctly report things to nasty Web servers which try to 
track one's every move... ;-)

Happy GNOMing.



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