Re: .src.rpm recompilation question.

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> I'm wondering what is the correct order to of rpm -ba/rpm -U the gnome
> packages?

There is no one correct order.  A reasonable order is listed in the GNOME
FAQ under section 3.2 - Deciding Which Modules to Get.  I repost it here.
(Note, this will be hard to read unless you are using a fixed width font).

            /---/ \---\
           |           |    
         imlib         |
           |         mico
       gnome-libs      |
           |           |
           |\-----\ /-/
           |       |
       gnome-objc  |
           |       /
           |- gnome-core
           |- gnome-guile
           |- gnome-utils
           |- gnome-admin
           |- gnome-network
           |- gnome-graphics
           |- gnome-media
           \- mc

Note these are the CVS modules, which in some cases are not precisely
the RPM breakdown.  For example, with the RPMS, replace 'mc' with 'mc'
followed by 'gmc'.  Yes, it does imply that gnome-objc is optional (as far
as I know, gnome-games is the only non-devel package to require it).

Best of Luck

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