some programming questions

i've asked most, if not all, of these questions before, but never recieved
a response. sorry if i'm annoying anyone =(

1) i'm writing an app that will save records in files with the extension
.cdb. in my open file dialog (which i've "customized" by hiding some of
the buttons), i'd like to have the file listing only show files with that
extension. how can i do this? gtk_file_selection_set_filename() isn't what
i'm looking for, as it only sets the text.

2) how do i write panel apps? i've learned a bit from the source i've
looked at (the bussign and the fish), but i've ran into a wall. i've
called applet_widget_init_defaults(), applet_widget_new(),
applet_widget_add(), made the necessary(?) gtk_frame_new(), and called
applet_widget_gtk_main(), but whenever i run the app(which compiles
nicely), it tells me it can't communicate with the panel and times out
after a minute.

3) will the gtk people accept man pages? i haven't looked very hard, but
with the exception of the *excellent* tutorials and examples, which are
also some of the most useul bits of code i've seen, i've noticed a lack of
manpage-like documentation. did i miss them?

nota bene,

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