Four questions, mainly about window managers.

First, what advantages are there if a window manager has gnome-support?

Second, I am used to the fvwm window manager and don't want all the "cool" 
thingies such as I have seen in screenshots of enlightment. I would like
the windows to be clean boxes, not "screens" as in E. Also it should have
virtual paging, so when I scroll the mouse left, another desk pops up
(preferably a small version in the gnome-panel showing where things are, I
couldn't help noticing the wmpager_applet, but it does nothing in fvwm). 
Also in fvwm, if the panel is at the bottom, the paging doesn't work and
it won't scroll down (or whereever the panel is). The wm should also
preferably have a popup menu coming out of the desktop as in fvwm. And I
hate any kind of win95-looking boxes.
So is there any windowmanager that has these features, and, at the same
time is gnome compliant?

Third, how can I add/edit the entries in the main menu in the panel? I
have tried to find a file with these, but with no success.

Fourth, where can I get the 'introduction to GNOME' in the help system. It
complains 'Error loading document: ghelp:gnome-intro'. I have downloaded,
built and installed all the packages listed in in the
building from scrach part.


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