Re: Four questions, mainly about window managers.

Dear Sampo,

I can have a stab at your fourth question.

    Sampo> Fourth, where can I get the 'introduction to GNOME' in the
    Sampo> help system. It complains 'Error loading document:
    Sampo> ghelp:gnome-intro'. I have downloaded, built and installed
    Sampo> all the packages listed in in the
    Sampo> building from scrach part.

I am surprised that it is not working, but I remember now that there
was a problem getting the intro to be totally clean in the 0.20

One thing you can try doing is to find the location of the file
(ideally in something like
and then just load it in the help browser as a file: URL, something

Then you can define a bookmark for it and use it in the future.

Let me know if you still have problems or if you cannot find the
directory with the gnome-intro HTML docs.

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