Re: Four questions, mainly about window managers.

> I can have a stab at your fourth question.
>     Sampo> Fourth, where can I get the 'introduction to GNOME' in the
>     Sampo> help system. It complains 'Error loading document:
>     Sampo> ghelp:gnome-intro'. I have downloaded, built and installed
>     Sampo> all the packages listed in in the
>     Sampo> building from scrach part.
> One thing you can try doing is to find the location of the file
> 	gnome-intro/book01.html
> (ideally in something like
> 	<your-gnome-prefix>/share/gnome/help/gnome-intro/C/book01.html
> and then just load it in the help browser as a file: URL, something
> like
> 	file:/<your-gnome-prefix>/share/gnome/help/gnome-intro/C/book01.html

I don't have it! There is no gnome-intro directory in
/usr/local/share/gnome/help, and I don't have any file named book01
anywhere (not even in the sources of gnome). I have gnome version 0.20.

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