Re: imlib and 24bit color, byte order

On Sun, 21 Jun 1998 wrote:

> oh fun. you have a minimum of 4 cases per bit-depth (8bpp and less it
> reduces to 2) - have fun - use XPutPixel (it's a custom wirtten
> fucntion using a functionpointer in the XImage struct to write using
> the correct endianess & bit-order for the server). 99% of us run the
> Xserver locally for 99% of what we do and thus endianess macthes and
> bypassing XPutPixel is a good optimsation.. otherwise go back to
> XPutPixel - its abotu 15% slower.. no big deal... thats why i never
> wrote any more code to handle all the cases.. i alerady handle too many
> as is.. :)
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> ->  Manish Vachharajani
> ->  <>

I agree with you, after looking at the code, it is way too ugly.  The
thing is that 24 bit doesn't work no matter what.  The fast functions
always write in BIG ENDIAN mode, and so on a little endian server you
lose.  This I will fix, all the rest I am going to forget about for now
since you are absolutely right, there are WAAAY to many cases :)

Manish Vachharajani

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