Re: Imlib bug in 24-bit mode


> You answered part of your own question.  Imlib(and gdk-imlib) need a palette
> file.  It should be in /usr/local/etc accoring to your imrc file.  Grab the
> palette from the source directory and move it to /usr/local/etc.

 The bug is that Imlib  install palette in "/usr/etc"  and search for it in


begin:          vcard
fn:             Andrew V. Shuvalov
n:              Shuvalov;Andrew V.
adr:            Computer Science dpt.;;SUNY at Stony Brook;Stony Brook;NY;11794;USA
tel;work:       (516)-632-7865
tel;home:       (516)-473-2430
x-mozilla-cpt:  ;0
x-mozilla-html: FALSE
version:        2.1
end:            vcard

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