Re: Imlib bug in 24-bit mode

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Andrew V. Shuvalov wrote:

> Imlib crashes ( starting panel ) in both 8 and 24-bits modes:
> 1. In 8-bit mode panel writes:
> GImLib ERROR: Cannot find palette file /usr/local/etc/im_palette.pal
> gdk_imlib: Cannot Find Palette. A Palette is required for this mode
> and coredump in line 1638, /imlib/gdk_imlib/load.c, while
> 'id' is NULL. Code is 'if (id->cache.on_image)'
> 2. In 24-bit mode it crashes in line 3982, /imlib/gdk_imlib/rend.c
> code '*img++ = b;',   function "grender_24_fast_mod"
> My card is Number 9,  S3 Virge G2 chipset, server is
> XFree86-SVGA-3.3.2pl2-1

I don't know about the 8 bit problem but I believe there is a bug in the
24bit mode of the SVGA server on Virge's.  Does your netscape have B/W
icons on the toolbar instead of color in 24bit mode?  I get this on my
Virge/VX diamond stealth 3d 3000.  Panel also dumps core in the same
function as you mention.  I think the problem is with the SVGA server
since XF86_S3V works fine for me.  I have submitted a bug report to the
Xfree people.
Manish Vachharajani

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