Gnomepixmaps wishlist

I've noticed a few things about gnome's pixmap support:

1) gnome_pixmap_new_from_file() doesn't return NULL if we 
can't open the file.  How am I supposed to detect errors?
Maybe all the new routines do this, I haven't checked.
I wanted to preload my pixmaps with data at compile time
and replace them if the xpm files are available at run time.

2) Why aren't there any routines to create or update a pixmap
from gdk_imlib data?  Everything gets cast to an imlib
image inside gnome-pixmaps.c, why not add a  routine that
starts with one?  Ideally, something like 
gnome_pixmap_load_imlib(*gpixmap,*imlib).  Or am I supposed to
use  gnome_pixmap_load_rgb_d_shaped(), pass the individual
parts of the *im and let gnome-pixmaps.c create a new *im,
work on it, then destroy it?  gdk_imlib_types.h says that
shape_color is supposed to be private, but I need to pass it
to gnome_pixmap_load_rgb_d_shaped().
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