Re: Some questions on the GNOME 0.20 release

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > No, I was asking:
> >   1) Why the big number jump?
> Because we missed so many public releases of the code since 0.13.
> >   2) Where should I be looking for up-to-date GNOME information, since
> >      often major things are done with no information sent to this list
> is usually up to date.   If you really want to
> know *exactly* what is going on with GNOME at any given time,
> subscribe to the cvs-commits-list mailing list:  this lets you watch
> the gnome progress as developers commit their changes to the CVS
> repository.

On that topic, is there:
  1) Any news on when anonymous cvs, either on gnome or on a mirror (I saw
     someone volunteer an SPARC Ultra) will be back up?

  2) Any news on when development daily tarballs and RPMs will resume on
     the FTP site? Or are we all supposed to be flooding Jim Pick's site?

Also, I am working on a project (FOX, a set of font management and editing
tools inspired, in name at least by SOX).  It's not ready for public
scrutiny yet (it's still only a few files), but when I feel it is, how
does one get a project put in the CVS tree?  Federico's comment (to
someone else) that 'you just put it up' doesn't seem quite right, since we
have no access.

> Cheers,
> Miguel.

Thank you,

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