Re: Gnomepixmaps wishlist

On Fri, Jun 19, 1998 at 10:11:44AM -0700, Scott D. Heavner wrote:
> 1) gnome_pixmap_new_from_file() doesn't return NULL if we 
> can't open the file.  How am I supposed to detect errors?
> Maybe all the new routines do this, I haven't checked.
> I wanted to preload my pixmaps with data at compile time
> and replace them if the xpm files are available at run time.

Use g_file_exists before calling gnome_pixmap_new_from_file. The GnomePixmap
will work without a pixmap, that's why a non-existent file returns a valid

> 2) Why aren't there any routines to create or update a pixmap
> from gdk_imlib data?  Everything gets cast to an imlib
> image inside gnome-pixmaps.c, why not add a  routine that
> starts with one?  Ideally, something like 
> gnome_pixmap_load_imlib(*gpixmap,*imlib).  Or am I supposed to
> use  gnome_pixmap_load_rgb_d_shaped(), pass the individual
> parts of the *im and let gnome-pixmaps.c create a new *im,
> work on it, then destroy it?  gdk_imlib_types.h says that
> shape_color is supposed to be private, but I need to pass it
> to gnome_pixmap_load_rgb_d_shaped().

Okay, I have added gnome_pixmap_load_imlib and gnome_pixmap_load_imlib_at_size
(well, `load' should be `update' maybe) and the corresponding gnome_pixmap_new
functions to the CVS sources, but had no time to test them. They at least
don't break anything. Please report any problems.

Eckehard Berns

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