Re: Development question.

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, David V. Duccini wrote:
> > > No one's even mentioned Visual Slick Edit or Crisp.  Not all that, or no
> > > one has tried them because they're commercial software, and you already
> > > have free tools at your disposal?
> We recently made the switch to SlickEdit.....night and day man...night and
> day....for its tiny price of $195 for Linux will pay for itself 100x
> inside the first month of using it.

Are you saying that if I buy SlickEdit, someone will pay me $19,500 for
the first month I use it? :-)

But seriously, I find it hard to justify purchasing an IDE when
  1) I have a very tight budget
  2) Nobody pays me to program
  3) There are tools that I am quite happy with that I don't have to pay
     anything for.

> And the support and the people there are great.  I actually got an email
> from support the same day when I requested additions for Objective-C.

Wow, a responsive software company, those are getting to be an 
increasingly rare breed.  I have to deal with way too many unresponsive
ones at work.

For the record, I use jed in X-Windows as my 'IDE'.  I find that doing the
editing in one window, and the compilation/error log in another (with
the gnome panel neatly minimized in the corner) far more efficient than
error highlighting ever was for me.  Your milage, of course, may vary.


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