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Sri Ramkrishna wrote:

> >
> > Is this actually a problem with the window manager? I tried wmaker,
> > fvwm2, enlightenment and olvwm and it's always the same: panel exits
> > with exit status 0 and all applets complain that they cannot talk to the
> > panel. Compilation was smooth with gtk+-1.0.4, Imlib-1.4, mico-2.0.6,
> > gnome-0.20, guile-1.2, gcc- The standalone apps, including gimp,
> > all work flawlessly. And yes: i can ping localhost.
> Looks like it's not.  I ran panel through the debugger (btw, the install
> process I notice does not strip the symbol table when it installs.. Iguess
> thats okay since it's beta) and it exited normally.  So I'm not sure what
> error to check for since apparently all conditions are met.  I'm guessing
> it must be this config file it must be complaining about.  What is it, how
> do  we get it and where do we install it?
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  Hey All,

    The first time I tried to compile gnome 0.20 I got this same Error Message
(I also use WindowMaker). After lot's
of debugging in panel/ I discovered that panel_corba_gtk_main() was returning
instead of going into the GTK
main loop. Further Poking revealed that this was inherent (?) in mico-2.0.8 I
rolled back my mico version to
2.0.5 and all my problems went away. I don't know exactly what the problem
was, but it appears that the GTK
support in mico-2.0.8 is broken. Of course if you're using 2.0.5, this isn't
helping you at all. HOWEVER, if you
find that your execution is making it to panel_corba_gtk_main(), but this
functin returns normally, your mico
configuration should be considered suspect.

Hope This Helps. If Im Being Stupid some please tell me :)

-- Rich (

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