Gnome .debs released


I've uploaded the Gnome 0.20 Debian packages to incoming on (also available at )

I had some problems with the gnome-admin package, so I didn't finish
it.  I will be travelling for 4 days, and I will figure it out when I
am back. I also did not package the new mc (Midnight Commander) - I'm
not the maintainer for that package anyways.

These packages are linked against libungif.  Theoretically, they
should work with libgif as well, but the libgif package is missing a
couple of symlinks - so use libungif (or create the symlinks).

Anybody that installed the unofficial pre-release .debs I put out last
week will probably need to install these .debs by hand (instead of
relying on dselect) - because I didn't increment the version number.


 - Jim

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