Re: gnome install

Paul Jenner wrote:
>         That should solve the problem.  BTW I had a problem compiling mico
> from the srpm (version 2.0.5??) as I "exhausted virtual memory" when
> compiling ir/ or somesuch.  This is on a machine with 16Mb RAM and
> 32Mb swap whilst running nothing but a getty, tcsh and the compiler so
> either the compile is HUGE or I did something wrong.  I the end I fetched
> the RPMS.  Any answers to this space problem?

Yes, mico is very compile-intensive.  I believe this is due to
extensive use of C++ templates.  Add more RAM or swap and it
should go through okay.  I tried it with 32MB RAM & 30 MB swap,
and that still wasn't enough.  I added another 30 MB of swap, and
it sailed right through.

ORBit, when it finally comes out, will have a much smaller
footprint.  (c:  I imagine CORBA will become more common in GNOME
when it isn't so bulky.


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