background-properties daemon kills my laptop

I have found a "fix" to the problem below: rm xscreensaver.

You get the problem report anyway:

After 10 minutes idle, my ibm thinkpad 310 dies completely
if background-properties is started. (black screen, no
ping, does not respond to three-finger tricks)
Until then, it works.

I tried to disable all powersave setting in bios and
XF86Config and I stopped apmd. That did not help.
I suppose the 10 minute screen blanking is configured
somewhere else. Where? Maybe the xkeyboard extension
adapts the console settings?

Wait a minute.. xscreensaver says it is disabling the
builtin screen saver. Yes! rm'ing it helps. But the screen
still gets blanked after 10 minutes, and the pixels trashed.
A refresh fixes that.

The video chip is ct65550 rev 198 with XF86_SVGA.

The kernel is linux-2.1.105. Unfortunately I cannot get
panel to work if I reboot to linux-2.0.34 to try that:
it says: assertion failed
         Aborted (core dumped).

I have the 0.20 rpms, but not the corresponding src
pagkages, so I can use gdb.

P.S. I never wanted xscreensaver installed in the first
place, but i wanted to install a bunch of rpm's without
using the --nodeps flag, so I had to install xscreensaver

torben fjerdingstad        | linux-2.1.105/GNU/gnome-0.20        | Hello World. I love you. |

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