Esound problems and my darned AWE32 sound card

With Redhat 5.1, I've been through a lot of trouble/tribulations
trying to make esound work.  I first discovered the problem when 
I installed Enlightenment 14.  The wave files supplied are 16 bit
and they make loud screeching sounds when they play.  I found that
I could convert them to 8 bit and they play fine.

I also found that the 16 bit wave files play ok with a program like
wavplay, but there is a possibility that waveplay is internally aware
of the problems with 16 bit files and it automagically plays them as 8 bit.
I don't know.

I've been through many kernel recompiles  changing sound settings and
the like, and the result is the same (well, actually, sometimes nothing
works at all...).   WHen I commpile the kernel and modules, there are
some warnings about UART_401, but no errors, but when I do make modules
install I get "sound_sym.o" not found. 

I have already been many times through the Sound-HOWTO and the
Soundblaster-AWE-minihowto.  I've read the kernel source readme files
and I've even downloaded a free demo copy of the OSS commecial package
and the same dang thing happens.

I don't see a lot of Redhat 5.1 users crying about these problems,

Sorry to spam the whole gnome list with this, but I'm hoping there
is a Esound or sound card buff out there who can tell me what's up.
I have joined the redhat sound-list, but for some reason I cannot
fathom, it rejects the note I send in as not being from the same 
address through which I subscribed. But the notes are sent in from
the same computer, same everrything, and I've not yet heard back from
their listmaster.

Paul E. Johnson            
Dept. of Political Science 
University of Kansas         
Lawrence, Kansas 66045              

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