Re: one question and one proposal

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:
> is it documented somewhere? I'd love to at least play around with it. I know
> the original article on the subject and found it very intriguing.

I think you have to read the source code. ;-) gnome-libs has decent
comments in the header files, but that's about all the docs there are.
> I agree. let me sum up: we need two things: a style guide that has the
> support of maybe all, at least the majority of gnome developers. 

> I do NOT see a need for this team to manually fix applications that violate
> the style guide. I'd rather have them talk to the programmer and ask him to
> fix this. imho this is better and will probably be viewed more positive by
> the programmers.

Probably you're right. As long as it gets done. Again, I think the
important thing is just that consistent style is seen as important by
everyone involved, and gratuitous inconsistency is seen as a bug.

> but this team would have to check all new apps for their style, and re-check
> all apps regularily to make sure changes don't violate the style guide. a
> tedious work, but managable if distributed among several people.
> I'd also suggest to start small, with the core apps. the panel, the
> background-, mouse- etc. setting dialogs - these basically built-in things
> before moving to all the apps.

Both good, concrete suggestions for getting started.
Again, if there's interest, I think the gnome-gui list is basically
available for this team to use for organizing themselves. I'd love to see
it happen.

Havoc Pennington ====

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