Re: one question and one proposal

robert havoc pennington <> wrote:

> There's a lamp widget but no apps use it.
is it documented somewhere? I'd love to at least play around with it. I know
the original article on the subject and found it very intriguing.

> > I have had a small discussion with a professional screen designer about this
> > (and other) topics and I have done a bit of research myself. if anyone is
> > even interested in making changes like this, I'd be glad to join that team,
> > and yes, interface decisions should always be a team effort.
> > 
> In my view, something like this is needed to have a productive UI team:
I agree. let me sum up: we need two things: a style guide that has the
support of maybe all, at least the majority of gnome developers. there are a
few sentences about this somewhere (I have a local copy, that's why I don't
know where exactly this was), but it would have to be enhanced.
second, we need a team that understands and can work with these things both
from the ui-design and the programming pov.

I do NOT see a need for this team to manually fix applications that violate
the style guide. I'd rather have them talk to the programmer and ask him to
fix this. imho this is better and will probably be viewed more positive by
the programmers.
but this team would have to check all new apps for their style, and re-check
all apps regularily to make sure changes don't violate the style guide. a
tedious work, but managable if distributed among several people.

I'd also suggest to start small, with the core apps. the panel, the
background-, mouse- etc. setting dialogs - these basically built-in things
before moving to all the apps.

> I don't know which kind of team you had in mind, but that's my input on
> which you should have had in mind. ;-) 
thanks for your comment. as you see, we do agree in the most parts.

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