Re: Gnome for RH5.1 only?

I don't need binaries for RH 4.x. I only want source rpms that I can rebuild easily in every system.

This is not true for now.

> update alot of packages on your RH 5.1 box, which BTW are available
> FREE on the or its mirrors.

I have a system that do his job the way I want. I don't need to upgrade any component, except for security or true performance reasons.

>    You're welcome to go back to MS if you think they give you better
> turn-around on updates. Just try downloading win98 for free from 

I *work* with Linux systems since 1993, I don't need M$ crap. I hope that Gnome can be built in RedHat releases other that 5.1.

PD: I'm very happy with Red Hat distributions. It's the only distribution I've installed in any machine since Slackware days...


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