Gtktty status (was Re: [Q] GnomeTerm/zvt/ Readline )

Hi, said:
// Bertrand> [Q1] : why are there a GtkTerm and a zvt widget in Bertrand>
// Gnome-libs?

// My understanding is that the GtkTerm widget was written and then
// mostly abandoned.  Meanwhile the zvt widget was written.  It is
// actively maintained; I advise using it in preference to GtkTerm.

Could this be confirmed? 
I finally managed to get things nearly working up, that is, I added a 
method to GtkTty to make it able to open a pty without forking anything.
I have still one big problem I have not resolved yet.
But, I won't go further if GtkTty has been abandonned.

So, does someone know the exact status of libgtktty.
Will it be removed from the gnome dist?


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