Re: [Q] GnomeTerm/zvt/ Readline

Bertrand> My final goal is to use readline (gnu library to manage
Bertrand> input lines, with history management and a lot of
Bertrand> fonctionalities) as the input function of the scilab port to
Bertrand> gnome.  So, I'd like to be have a widget that would manage
Bertrand> all the display buffer and scrolling and selection and so
Bertrand> on. I could surely write it, but I guess some code in Gnome
Bertrand> nearly does what I want.

I don't know if I can answer all your questions, but I'll try to
answer the ones I can.

It isn't entirely clear to me that a terminal widget is really what
you'd want, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out.

Bertrand> [Q1] : why are there a GtkTerm and a zvt widget in
Bertrand> Gnome-libs?

My understanding is that the GtkTerm widget was written and then
mostly abandoned.  Meanwhile the zvt widget was written.  It is
actively maintained; I advise using it in preference to GtkTerm.

Bertrand> [Q8] Because I am not sure I will get answers to those
Bertrand> Qusetions, I will continue to search the answers by myself
Bertrand> and will truy to make a readline-enabled widget usinf gtkTty
Bertrand> as a base, any advice and warnings would be very kind as I
Bertrand> don't know anything about terminals, ptty and all that
Bertrand> stuff.

My only advice is to avoid them unless you really need them.

I guess I didn't do too well on the answers.  Hopefully somebody with
a bit more knowledge will reply.


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