Re: Missing libs

    Tim> I'm trying to compile mico-2.0.5 and it requires a library
    Tim> which I don't have in order to make shared libs; namely
    Tim> libreadlin.  I've been looking but cannot find a source for

I suspect it's libreadline.a and not libreadlin.a.  I'm surprised that
MICO's doesn't gracefully handle the case in which it is
missing, but you can grab the readline-whatever.tar.gz package from

    Tim> these libraries.  I thought it would be on my distribution cd
    Tim> (slackware3.0) but it's not in the file listing.  Any ideas?
    Tim> Also its configure isn't finding javac.  Anybody know where
    Tim> it's looking?  I have JDK1.1.6 installed in
    Tim> /usr/local/JDK1.1.  Would adding it to $CLASSPATH help at
    Tim> all?  TIA --

I would take a look at the config.log file and see the details of how
the javac test is failing.  The most basic failure is "the command is
not found" type.  If javac is in your $PATH then config.log will
probably indicate that it tried running some fancy stuff with javac,
and that failed.  You can usually debug config.log files but it's

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