install of 0.20

after several hours of messing around, I got 0.20 installed. it looks very
good so far, but maybe someone should take a look at my notes of problems
and maybe fix them up:

imlib is the #1 source of trouble so far, I think a real good look into its
install procedures and the dependencies should be taken.

for me, I found out that -lpng was nowhere linked, not even tested for, but
gdk_imlib requires it, so the make runs failed until I manually inserted it.

for mico, there are obviously two version with the same version number out
there. one comes with a configure script, one with an script. I
found that on my system only the former compiles and that --with-gtk=... has
to be used as it's off by default.

finally, there are several problems in gxsnmp/app/ping.c - it looks like the
icmp structure is not equivalent with what my system has in

this is a suse 5.2 system, kernel version is 2.0.33

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