Re: Memory leaks in gnome_apps

On 14 Jun 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Different issue. As long as an application has touched a page, that
> will page will use swap. However, filling up swap assumes that the
> memory use will keep on increasing continually. I don't think that
> is true in this case.

The problem is, that the memory usage DOES continually increase!

> [ Perhaps you should consider revising your application not to use
>   3000 widgets? I know that sounds like a poor solution, but you'll
>   get better performance if you can avoid that many widgets (and
>   especially all the related X stuff), and you are most likely
>   toying with X's limit that a window can only be 32768 pixels
>   in any dimension.
>   GtkCList, GtkCTree and GnomeIconList are all suitable for displaying
>   large amounts of data, since they don't create a widget for each
>   rowl or cell ]

Ahh, ok, I will use GtkCTree then once I finish this version of the
application.  The 3000 widget problem only occurs if you decide to view
1000's of files in the file tree simultaneously, such as if you browse
/dev which has 1300 entries on my system :).

I also don't know about the X limits stuff since the tree widget is inside
a scroll window, so I would figure the actual X window is only the size of
the scroll widget, correct? or am I mistaken.

I appreciate the help.

Manish Vachharajani

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