Re: gnome-libs compile snafus

>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Bernstein <> writes:

Bob> Well, it appeared that I had gotten through the configure
Bob> problem. Next I ran into problems with libintl.h. The link in
Bob> /intl gets set ok, and it's all right if you're in that
Bob> directory. But the three files that include this file, i.e. the
Bob> three that I found, include it as '#include <libintl.h>', and
Bob> this does not appear to enable the include file itself to be
Bob> found. These three files are gnome-i18n.h and gnome-i18nP.h in
Bob> /libgnome, and gnome-stock.c in /libgnomeui.

I've checked in a fix for this.

The fix is to have each add `-I$(top_srcdir)/intl
-I$(top_builddir)/intl' to the INCLUDES variable.

Bob> mv: gnome-libs.po: No such file or directory

Bob> Now I am bamboozled almost beyond even my hefty capacity for
Bob> feeling confused.

This happens because you don't have GNU gettext installed.
One fix is to install it.

I think this will work as a hack:

	touch po/gnome-libs.pot


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