[Q] GnomeTerm/zvt/ Readline


My final goal is to use readline (gnu library to manage input lines,
with history management
and a lot of fonctionalities) as the input function of the scilab port
to gnome.
So, I'd like to be have a widget that would manage all  the display
buffer and scrolling and selection
and so on. I could surely write it, but I guess some code in Gnome
nearly does what I want.

So if some one could clarify the situation (the authors of the gtkterm
and zvt  widget for example)
my understanding of what I actually have to write would be greater.

[Q1]: why are there a GtkTerm and a zvt widget in Gnome-libs?
[Q2]: What is the use of the vtEmu? What does it add to the tty
[Q3]: Is the following right: The GtkTerm is just a widget that manage
text displaying/ scrfolling ...
          and te GtkTty creates a pseudio-terminal to get stdin/stdout
in the term widget for
           forked processes?
[Q4]: Has thhose widgt another use than to make a Gnome-Xterm program?
           (I guess so, because there is already zvt and Miguel
gnome-term wrapping)
[Q5]: Readline needs to take its input for a file stream. Is it
possible to use the ptty
    in the GtkTty without forking anything?
[Q6]: has the code about ptty in gtkTty been tested on non-linux arch?

[Q7] Has naybody been able to use realine within a gtk Widget?

[Q8] Because I am not sure I will get answers to those Qusetions, I will
continue to search the
answers by myself and will truy to make a readline-enabled widget usinf
gtkTty as a base,
any advice and warnings would be very kind as I don't know anything
about terminals, ptty
and all that stuff.

Thanks in advance,


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