Re: GNOME-0.20 and egcs

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Sorry for the silly question: But what *is* a ``wheeled mouse'' ?
> Martin

It's a 'new' mouse design (I think I first saw one about 9 months ago),
where rather than having two or three buttons, it has two buttons and a
wheel in between (Or Mouse Systems version with three buttons, the middle
button being small, and a wheel above it).  You can press the wheel as the
middle button, or spin the wheel either direction.  The Windows drivers
will use the spin events to move the scrollbar of the focused window.
The X-Windows version translates the spins as buttons 4 and 5 (I assume
depending on which direction you spin).

Gateway has just started shipping machines with the Microsoft version of
the wheeled mouse, so you'll probably see more of them in the near future.


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