Re: Article about GNOME (yet to be written;)

On 1998-06-09T23:29:55,
   Lars Marowsky-Brée <> said:

> Morning guys,
> I shortly discussed writing an article about GNOME for a German computer mag
> with Miguel at the Linux Kongress. Shortly because we were busy drinking to
> Qt and the success of KDE *g*
> So anyway, the computer mag ("iX", a wellknown Unix
> magazine of high quality) agreed to publish the article, about 3 pages.

Well, look like they aren't that high quality afterall. They assigned the
topic twice for the same edition, which of course doesn't work out. Since
they didn't assign it to me first, I don't get to write the article about
Gnome. Seems to happen in big magazines from time to time ...

*sigh* So much for becomeing famous ;-)

Thanks for all those offers of support, I am terribly sorry I can't take
your word for it ;-) Well, maybe there will be another article about Gnome

My dearest apologies,
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