Article about GNOME (yet to be written;)

Morning guys,

I shortly discussed writing an article about GNOME for a German computer mag
with Miguel at the Linux Kongress. Shortly because we were busy drinking to
Qt and the success of KDE *g*

So anyway, the computer mag ("iX", a wellknown Unix
magazine of high quality) agreed to publish the article, about 3 pages.

They set a rather short deadline (25.6.) so I am kinda rushed ;-)

I am looking for information on the current status of the various modules,
future schedule and other tidbits you would like to see mentioned.

I will _shortly_ discuss the beginning of Gnome, which unfortunately implies
a short sidestep into "why not KDE". I will try to keep this as short as
possible. Then I will go on about the development, including the development
model, speed etc. I would then like to present the current status and then
provide some outlook.

As a small excourse, I would like to present the _rough_ design of gtk and
show a sort, simple, hello world written in Perl. The hello world is no
problem, but if anyone wants to comment on the basic design of gtk I would
be most grateful ;-)

Thanks in advance,
Lars Marowsky-Brée  :homepage email: \ geek, BOFH, psychopath, magician, / \ killer, looney, genius, pervert /
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