Re: Article about GNOME (yet to be written;)

On 10 Jun 1998, Marius Vollmer wrote:

> Lars Marowsky-Brée <> writes:
> > show a sort, simple, hello world written in Perl.
> I would be most happy if you could also show the same program in
> Guile, Python, Objective-C, C++ and TOM, maybe C. [any other bindings
> out there?]  This would kill a lot of space...
> Here is one in Guile, I'm sure the other guys are listening...
The HelloWorld Program in tom is included with the tomgtk distribution on
(it's a symlink to the current release).
It's in the current form 68 lines. If you reformat it a bit, cut a bit the
copyright notice (what I presume Pieter will probably allow ;) ), I get
at 44 lines ;)


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