Re: XML: status update

Andrew Kuchling wrote:
> Christopher Blizzard writes:
> >                              I just would like to see HTTP used in
> > applications for transferring data around.
>         HTTP-NG, which is currently a W3C research effort, is
> completely different from HTTP/1.x, and is more of a distributed
> object invocation protocol.  The primary ILU developers are involved
> with the HTTP-NG effort, and ILU can now use the HTTP-NG protocol as
> its transport, which means that you can layer CORBA on top of it.
> I've been told privately that the first draft of the wire protocol
> should be made public in July.  (That also means GNOME could use ILU
> temporarily while writing a GPLed HTTP-NG implementation.)

There are licensing issues with ILU which prevent it being used with
Gnome which is a real shame.

It's good to know that the HTTP-NG group _is_ actually doing something. 
Last I knew they hadn't put anything out for a long period of time and
people were starting to think that the working group didn't actually

I'll be very interested in seeing what they come down with.

>         However, HTTP-NG is definitely a research effort, and there's
> no guarantee whatsoever of its being adopted as a standard, much less
> of its being widely implemented.  Still, it's worth keeping an eye on
> the effort.

Right, HTTP/1.1 is here now.  It's good to start there anyway.



Christopher Blizzard
AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.

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