Re: XML and GNOME community

>- Configuration file format.
>  <GnomeHelp>
>    <bookmarks>
>        <file>.gnome-help-browser/bookmarks</file>
>    </bookmarks>
>    <Placement>
>        <Menu top/>
>        <Toolbar top/>
>    </Placement>
>  </GnomeHelp>
>  This way one could have the contents of the whole .gnome directory in
>  one file. But if the current format works, why switch?

Please, no ! Putting all in one file remember me some annoying problems
with that OS ("You don't know that before doing that thing you should
have backed up your registry, you don't know?").
Using XML for cfg files sound very good, but don't put all the money
in one bag.

Sergio Kessler

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