Re: XML: status update

> 	HTTP-NG, which is currently a W3C research effort, is
> completely different from HTTP/1.x, and is more of a distributed
> object invocation protocol.  The primary ILU developers are involved
> with the HTTP-NG effort, and ILU can now use the HTTP-NG protocol as
> its transport, which means that you can layer CORBA on top of it.
> I've been told privately that the first draft of the wire protocol
> should be made public in July.  (That also means GNOME could use ILU

  Gimme the name :-) BTW it's public knowledge, the first phase of the
project will end at the beginning of July so the result for the first
will be provided along with the existing available documents.

> temporarily while writing a GPLed HTTP-NG implementation.)

  IIRC Gnome tried to use ILU at the beginning and they decided to use
another ORB, I guess it was mainly related to licensing issues. Please
don't restart the debate.

> 	However, HTTP-NG is definitely a research effort, and there's
> no guarantee whatsoever of its being adopted as a standard, much less
> of its being widely implemented.  Still, it's worth keeping an eye on
> the effort.

  Coincidence I work on the HTTP-NG project. But that's not the reason
for my interest in Gnome. Gnome uses an ORB right now but rather to
do interprocess messaging not inter host. Of course if something like
HTTP-NG was in the standardization track I would push for it's use,
right now I would better get a good XML and HTTP support.


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