Re: RH 4.0 Compability.

>> I suppose this has to do with i the fact i dont run RH 5.0 ?
>> Could someone please confirm this?

Gleef> People have gotten GNOME running on all sorts of systems.
Gleef> People are even working on (although I don't know how well)
Gleef> libc5 and FreeBSD versions of GNOME.

I run libc5 (Red Hat 4.0).  I build everything from the cvs repo; I
rarely have problems.  I gather I'm somewhat unusual in that regard.

I would like to encourage people to try to build on various different
systems (especially non-Linux systems).  I do try to address build
problems as I see them, particularly if the problem description is
complete.  I'm not the only one who does this, either.  Typically the
only reasons your build question will go unanswered are: (1) nobody
has a clue, or (2) we just answered the same question for the 100th
time, and don't feel like typing in the answer again.


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