Re: RH 4.0 Compability.

On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, grazzy wrote:
> Hello again guys.


> My gnome is really working "okey", it does as i want it to do ;) . But
> thats as far as i tgo.
> In my console i get msg's like :
> [i,1,1]
> [t,1,1]
> ,1,1]
> errno = 0, saverno = 5
> out of data on read

I don't recognize the specific messages you list.  However, since GNOME
is still in development, most of the applications output debugging
messages to console, so the people testing the programs can see what's
going wrong or wierd within the program.

> it really doesnt make any sense to me, is it the way it should be?

The best way for the items to make sense is to search in the source code
for the messages you see.

> Another problem i have, is that i cant compile any of the apps made for
> gnome.
> They all refer to diffrent files i dont have (no, not gtk, imlib or
> similar).

Check in, you should
find all you need in there.  Why they changed the directory name to
gnome-obsolete without keeping a 'non-obsolete' version up is beyond me.

> I suppose this has to do with i the fact i dont run RH 5.0 ?
> Could someone please confirm this?

People have gotten GNOME running on all sorts of systems.  People are even
working on (although I don't know how well) libc5 and FreeBSD versions of
GNOME.  However, the recommended system includes libc6 (i.e. glibc), which
was not included in the RedHat 4.0 distribution.

The way I see it you have three options:

  1) Use the tarballs (and CVS when it is back up) to compile GNOME on
     your system, patching where it doesn't work right, helping the libc5
     crowd along the way.

  2) Purchase a RedHat 5.0 or 5.1 distribution and upgrade.  If you don't
     want to pay the $50, there are other companies (I forget who),
     who distribute CD's equivalent to the RedHat distribution, minus the
     commercial tie-ins (RealPlayer, Metro-X and BRU-2000) for $10 or
     less.  (Or get a Debian distribution, the DEB version of GNOME should
     be coming along Real Soon Now)

  3) Camp out on the RedHat FTP site, downloading upgraded RPMS for glibc,, and a bunch of other stuff to bring your RH4 installation up
     to properly running under libc6.
> Another question is, how can i compile mc with gnome-support? It doesnt
> generate a "gmc"-executable just "mc" ?

I don't remember the answer to that, but I think it was answered in the
list.  Check the list archive, there's probably alot back there that
could help you.

Good Luck,
- Gleef

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