Re: WM Compliance

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Jacob <> writes:

Adam> 3. Gnome-Aware session management? (Is this really required?
Adam> Maybe what really needs to happen is that any internal session
Adam> management in the WM responds correctly to the termination
Adam> signal given it when gnome-session exits.)

Gnome has a session manager which is separate from the window manager.
IMNSHO, this is the Right Thing, as it lets users change their wm
within the context of their session.  (If your wm does session
management, then switching wms causes lots of other programs to die.)

So, yes, it is required for a wm to be a session manager client.

Actually, nothing is really "required".  It's just strongly
recommended.  You can run any old wm you want, even one that doesn't
do SM, but your life will be easier if you run one that is SM-aware.

Adam> Great!  I'll start putting together a basic framework for a
Adam> HOWTO/FAQ, and see if we can't actually get something together
Adam> to hand to the developers, to make their lives easier.


If you have comments, criticisms, additions, etc, please email me and
I'll update the page.


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