Re: Article about GNOME (yet to be written;)

Lars Marowsky-Brée <> writes:

> So anyway, the computer mag ("iX", a wellknown Unix
> magazine of high quality) agreed to publish the article, about 3 pages.

Great!  I'm looking forward to it.
> I will _shortly_ discuss the beginning of Gnome, which unfortunately implies
> a short sidestep into "why not KDE".

I don't think this has to be `unfortunately'.  It is an important part
of the Gnome story that it is *free* and that the main architects
actually understand what *free* means and why it is important.  This
message is worth spreading.  Maybe you can find some friendly words
for it.

> As a small excourse, I would like to present the _rough_ design of gtk and

Sascha and I did some slides for the IN Kongress in Aachen about Gtk
and Guile.  Maybe you can reuse some of them.  They are at

> show a sort, simple, hello world written in Perl.

I would be most happy if you could also show the same program in
Guile, Python, Objective-C, C++ and TOM, maybe C. [any other bindings
out there?]  This would kill a lot of space...

Here is one in Guile, I'm sure the other guys are listening...

    (use-modules (gtk gtk))

    (let ((window (gtk-window-new 'toplevel))
	  (button (gtk-button-new-with-label "Hello")))
      (gtk-container-add window button)
      (gtk-signal-connect button "clicked" (lambda () 
					     (display "Hello World!\n")
      (gtk-widget-show-all window)

> The hello world is no problem, but if anyone wants to comment on the
> basic design of gtk I would be most grateful ;-)

I can't put long hours into it, but I would be happy to answer any
questions you have about Gtk, especially how it caters to languages
other than C.

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