Comments on Gnome .20

Just some user comments on the latest Gnome:

  * good enough to be the default term in preference to xterm (bleh).
    SLRN runs well as does (no suprise) mc.
  * geometry is in screen pixels, which is not too useful
  * geometry is not reported correctly to the window manager (fvwm95 in 
    my case).
  * there is a colored strip along to bottom of tall terminal windows 
    (sometimes violet, sometimes green)
mail-check & clock:
  * why not have mailcheck launch a specified MUA and the date/clock launch
    the calendar app? Saves valuable space and is fairly intuitive.

   * allow configuration of term that executable will be associated with and
     use gnome-term by default.  I'd like to be able to to turn off
     scrollbars, set default geometry, font, etc. for each.
   * gnome-terminal or rxvt should be the default term IMO.  Both are
     better at recognizing PC keys.
   * allow browsing for executable and icon
   * information is not being saved between sessions

disk mounter: allow eject on umount; allow user to set program for ejection
              (eject 1.5 suggested default)
           * Is ip accounting really necessary for getting the transmission
             rate?  What about picking the info out of /proc/net/dev?
	   * The device is not saved between sessions.  Instead I get odd
	     devices like "Butt" and "PQRS" :).
	   * Colors for divisions seem to be ignored.
print applet: if the print icon were larger, you wouldn't need to tell me
              it was the print applet ;}.
WebControl: it would be nice to be able to paste selections into the window

* Include something like KDE's appfinder; support wmconfig entries
* What is the accepted way to add non-Gnome apps to the panel?

    * thumbnail generation is *much* slower than xv.  
    * Does not handle corrupt
      jpegs well (dies while creating thumbnails of directory).

    * Icons should have transparent backgrounds so they don't obscure

gtop: is it just me or has this become a chess program?

Dave Cook

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