Want rpm snapshots? make you own.

Have a copy of the gnome CVS tree? want to build your
own rpms? well, now you can with this amazing script.

Yes, this all in one script can:

        - build one package
        - build all packages
        - build only gnome-* packages
        - upgrade your rpms for you
        - change GTK back to 1.1.0 (see note below)
        - have no need for src.rpms? no problem
             (source rpms disabled by default)
        - disable dependencies
        - fully (semi) automated
        - has command line options (type build by itself)

Note: by default this script changes the gtk+ rpm to version 1.1.0
        this feature allows you to keep two working versions of gtk on
        your system, the official 1.0.x and the gtk from the gnome CVS
        This option can be disabled. (comment it out :)

Building all (eg: build all -i) by default does not build gtk+ and mico,
this can be changed by removing a few comments from the script,
or includng -gtk and -mico, respectively, on the command line.

Configuration: you have to specify your directories in the script,
please DO NOT run the script until you have configured
these directories.

DISCLAIMER:I wrote it, but I'm not responsible...

John Ellis <gqview@geocities.com>


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