Some questions on the GNOME 0.20 release

I have a few questions regarding the GNOME 0.20 release.  First, why the
big number jump?  Shouldn't this be either the Final Release of 0.13, or
release 0.14?

Second, are we going to start doing a development version / stable version
numbering scheme.  I think there are enough useful, functional, working 
programs in GNOME that it would be a good idea.

Next, on announcements: Is this or is this not the place for official
GNOME announcements.  When the Anonymous CVS service was taken down,
whoever did it should have announced it on the list so we knew what was
going on, why, and what to do about it, rather than posting "Um, CVS seems
to be down" for a day or two before getting a reason from someone who
happened to talk to the guy.  When the v0.20 RPMS were released, there was
an announcement, why wasn't there one when it was removed?   When the FTP
site's directory tree got rearranged, there should have been an
announcement.  Am I looking in the wrong place for GNOME information?

Next, on the ftp site, I noticed that the /pub/gnome directory is gone.
Now, since the standard answer to "what else do I need?" is "look in
/pub/gnome/support", and the website repeatedly points to 
"/pub/gnome/support/RPMS", wouldn't it make sense to have as an interum
measure the gnome directory symbolically linked to something?  Either
GNOME or gnome-obsolete, whichever is more appropriate.  Then, a week or
so before getting rid of it, announce to the list that it's going, and
where the right location is (I assume /pub/GNOME).

Lastly, on the ftp site again, I noticed that in the /pub/GNOME tree,
there is no support directory.  I assume this does not mean that the ftp
site will no longer carry those RPMS.  Is the directory missing, or is
that what is intended to be /pub/GNOME/redhat/extra?  If so, why is the
directory empty?

I appologize if this message sounds annoyed.  It just is frustrating to
feel out of the loop, as I am sure that many of you will agree.


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