Re: WM Compliance

Oliver Graf <> writes:

[I should stop talking to myself...]

> > I would be very interested in writing a canonical document describing
> > "GNOME awareness" for a wm. Is there anything the WMaker people have
> > that would be good for GNOME to take advantage of? I am in particular
> > thinking of the window menu stuff. :) I guess I am off to comb through
> Yup. Would be great if the main menu-bar of a GNOME app is automatically
> converted to a WindowMaker Menu. So you could hide the actual menu and use the 
> wmaker menu. I love this idea. Lets write it. Where should I start...
> a) is it already possible to hide the main menu of a gnome app
> b) does the menu of a gnome app ever change (but this should no problem)

b) is no problem. The gnome app can notify WMaker with an PropertyNotify event 
about the changed menu.

A big problem is the 'freedom' of gtk+: as I understand, one can put any
possible widget in a menubar/menu (please correct me if I'm wrong). But WMaker 
in it's current implementation supports only Cascade and Command entries. It
will be difficult to map anything 'extravagant' from a gtk+ menu to a WMaker

But I keep thinking, implementing and tinkering, perhaps I will stumble about
a solution...


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